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From: <persianbijou>
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 09:41:00 EST

For static seismic load evaluation ,we usually use acceleration to model earthquake.
my line comes down from a long tower,and its supported from tower shell.
For seismic in piping we have acceleration data(as always),but for tower seismic we have
Displacements data! (for top of tower)
My problem is that,how I can combine acceleration load cases with displacements in seismic!?
I found some soloutions ,for example:

L2 :U
L3 :D

L 4 :L1+L3 (SUS)[ALG]
L 4+L2 : (OCC)[ABS]

Per ASME B31.3 ,we dont have explicit statement for seismic,we just know the stress limit(1.33Sh).

I think caesarrII uses the same equation for calculation of sustain and seimic(since the nature of sesmic matches sustain more than expansion),so combination of SUS+D[ALG] seems to be reasonable,,, Whats your idea and interperation of code? How do you deal with combinig piping sesmic loads(acceleration) and equipment data
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