Re: [PipingDesign] Bellows spring constant

From: <Christopher>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 11:20:00 EDT

On Apr 30, 2007, at 1:34 AM, Rathish Reddy wrote:

> When i was filling the expansion joint data sheet i was stucked
> with the Spring constant
> 1. Axial spring constant (Kg/mm)
> 2. Lateral spring constant (Kg/mm)
> 3. ANgular spring constant (Kg/deg)
> can anyone give tell me the details

Check Section VIII Div 1 for details on expansion joint design. There are calculations for joint stiffness in there. The only caveat is that if detailed calculations make you light-headed find someone who knows what he's doing. It's a good problem for a spread-sheet, but again, don't just assume you can use a borrowed spreadsheet sensibly if you don't know what the calculations are doing.

The Section VIII rules are based on the EJMA rules which are published somewhere else (try googling EJMA) but even with all the bitching I do about ASME, Section VIII is the best.

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