Re: Seawater cooling for power plant

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Date: Sun Feb 03 2008 - 16:49:00 EST

If you need a low pressure piping system ( Up to Class 15) for seawater I suggest you use ABS from Tyco Water. This is available up to DN800 and is used extensively for this service. Larger pipes can be in PE100 up to DN2000. This can be extruded into the sea and towed anywhere in the world for seawater intake or brine discharge lines in desalination plants. Tyco also have pipes up to DN4000 in PE in development in Australia and the Middle East using a German technology.\ 5.pdf

If you want to use a stainless teel then you will be looking at SAF2507 to prevent corrosion. 316 is not a good selection as it will corrode. ALternatives are cupro nickel or rubber lined steel.

Suggest you look at the articles on or google super duplex and investigate the Avesta or Outokumpu websites.

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