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The Right CAD for the Job

Mechanical Engineering Magazine

<<When it comes time for mechanical engineering students to look for their first professional jobs, how much does it count which computer-aided design system they learned in college? Maybe an employer uses a particular type of system and wants new engineers to know that system inside out. Do employers make their hiring decisions based on the CAD system the job seeker knows best? >>

Today’s Plant and Piping Programs

Cadalyst Magazine

<<Plant piping software aids in the design of piping systems on oil platforms, in atomic energy plants, and in the food and beverage industries. We'll look at two general types of software used in plant design.>>

Does CAD Degrade Drawing Quality?


<<The problem seems to be caused by students who are taught how to use CAD software, instead of being trained how to draft. They are effective at using the computer, but less effective at communicating discipline-specific concepts.>>

upFront.eZine Reader Comments on "Does CAD Degrade Drawing Quality?"


<<Readers' comments on the above article.>>

Downloadable AutoCAD Component Files

Georg Fischer AG

<<Downloadable files (fittings and valves) for plastic piping systems - PVC/CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF Standard, HP & BCF.>>

Drawing on Experience

Mechanical Engineering Magazine

<<The boundary between engineering and the preparation of CAD drawings and solid models is fenced with serious barriers to communication. The engineer is caught in the middle between a manager— who probably doesn't have detailed knowledge of the computer-aided design process but is expected to judge the product—and the CAD practitioner—whose specialty is sufficiently arcane that the engineer is pressed to leave details to that expert's judgment. The engineer as a professional and the quality of the job both suffer. This mismatch can be treated only by frequent and in-depth conversations among the three parties: the engineer, the CAD jockey, and the manager or client.>>

Catching Them Younger

Mechanical Engineering Magazine

<<If college-bound students don't have a way to learn about engineering before getting to college, they are not likely to choose engineering as a major, and a future engineer could be lost. To rectify that, many secondary schools are finding the money to implement engineering classes, which include CAD design instruction. By learning CAD early, students are better prepared for college engineering courses, high school instructors say. But there's an additional bonus, say proponents of the programs: Learning to design on a CAD system teaches students to think creatively, to ask questions, and to find answers to their own questions. There's no room for rote memorization in a high school engineering class.>>

CAD Jockey or Engineer?

Mechanical Engineering Magazine

<<The CAD operator-versus-mechanical-engineer question is one the engineering community has entertained only during the past few years as it becomes possible for CAD operators to do more and more design work because of advances in software technology, Weisberg said. At heart, the question addresses the quality of the engineering design. Will a CAD operator have enough understanding of the engineering principles that power CAD design to make optimal use of the software? >>

Exploring the Unrealized Potential of Computer-Aided Drafting

Suresh K. Bhavnani and Bonnie E. John

<<Despite huge investments by vendors and users, CAD productivity remains disappointing. Our analysis of real-world CAD usage shows that even after many years of experience, users tend to use suboptimal strategies to perform complex CAD tasks. Additionally, some of these strategies have a marked resemblance to manual drafting techniques. Although this phenomenon has been previously reported, this paper explores explanations for its causes and persistence. We argue that the strategic knowledge to use CAD effectively is neither defined nor explicitly taught.>>

Does Collaboration Have A Future?


<<The CAD industry has been chanting the mantra of 'collaboration' and 'collaborative engineering,' as if they were some higher state of consciousness we are all transcending toward. The term 'collaboration,' used so freely in software vendors' press releases, suggests that they have some exciting new technology that lets engineers work together. (It is probably better described as 'concurrent,' not collaborative.)>>

CAD Product Library

Georg Fischer

<<The Georg Fischer product library is designed to be used on AutoCAD Releases 12, 13, 14 and 2000 for Windows or DOS. It contains technical drawings of Georg Fischer PVC-U, PP, PVDF and ABS metric fittings, manual valves, actuated valves, pipe and auxiliary equipment. The drawings are generated in .dwg format from the AutoCAD system or are available as .dxf drawings for importing into other CAD systems or AutoCAD Light.>>

7 Designers Generate All Piping Layouts for $230 Million Paper Coating Line


<<Very nice 3D slideshow of a paper machine facility.>>

OpenGL Accelerators Reviewed

Ace's Hardware

<<In the past, we've talked about workstations and more workstations, and there's no doubt about it: in our rendering, compiling and CAD benchmarks, the Dual Athlon MP 1800+ outclassed the competition. However, professional users of mechanical CAD (MCAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) applications spend a great deal of time manipulating wireframes and (Gouraud) shaded models and objects. Even if you simply want to rotate an object with a few 100,000 polygons, you will need all the power you can get, and general purpose CPUs alone will not cut it. This is why a dedicated OpenGL video card is an important part of any MCAD or DCC workstation and it's also why we've now decided to turn our attention towards professional OpenGL accelerators for this new entry in our workstation series.

Our previous article focused on the CPU power of the best workstations available, but this review will take a closer look at another equally important aspect of workstation performance, namely video accelerators. In this review, we'll show you how several different OpenGL video cards perform in 3D Studio Max 4, Maya 4, and many other high-end applications.>>

3-D Design (Piping)

HPAC interactive Engineering

<<In complex piping system design, 3-D scale models are constructed for conceptualization and communication to minimize such problems. However, these physical models are costly, time-consuming, and difficult to rearrange if design changes occur...Let us say that we are designing a pumping system. In 2-D computer-aided design (CAD), a system would be represented with a large-scale plan view and one (or, in some cases, many) elevation views. Each of these views is drawn from scratch as a separate, unrelated drawing. This requires much checking back and forth to ensure that each elevation view is an accurate and consistent portrayal of the plan view.>>

Dual Processors Deliver - When are two CPUs better?

Cadalyst Magazine

<<The real advantage of dual processors comes when you multitask. Windows 2000 (as well as Windows NT 4) automatically uses multiprocessors when multiple applications are running simultaneously—whether or not the programs themselves are multiprocessor aware.>>

Power Plant Design and Simulation

EDA, Incorporated

<<A plant design modification can mean any change to a current design to fix a problem, improve the function, or create a new product design. Plant design occurs in three phases; 1) the conceptual phase is the "system analysis" phase where the theoretical designs and/or changes are created and the pros and cons of the design are established. Feasibility studies and cost evaluations are also performed in this phase. The final products of the system analysis are the proposed new design(s) and/or design change(s), which have the best cost and benefit to the customer. In some cases, a conceptual design has already been developed and the first phase is not required. If the conceptual design is already developed, it is always wise to review the design for possible flaws and correct them before you proceed.; 2), the "detailed design" phase produces the final design product. The conceptual design is developed into a final detailed design package. All facets of engineering are involved in the detailed design development. The detailed design package includes design specifications, design drawings, design procedures, design requirements, quality assurance requirements, start-up specification and requirements, and, if required, regulatory requirements; and 3), the "design implementation" phase takes detailed design package and provides an implementation plan which includes purchase of materials and/or equipment, start-up and/or retest requirements and procedures, and an implementation schedule which includes estimated construction costs and schedules.>>

CAD Drawings - Valves

ARI Armaturen

<<The DWG- and DXF-files are compressed in the ZIP-Format as executable programs and can be extracted on your computer. A table of respective valve types and views is described in the help file.>>

P&ID Clip Symbols Version 2.0


<<One of ISA's most popular electronic formats has been expanded to include Visio Smart Shapes. This CD-ROM provides symbols from the ISA standards S5.1, S5.2, S5.3 and S5.4, converting the graphic symbols for instruments into clip-art files that can inserted into P&IDs, loop diagrams and other documents. The symbols are furnished in .DWG, .WMP, and .DXF file formats, allowing them to be employed with Visio, AutoCAD, and most other CAD software platforms, plus many other software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.). P&ID ClipSymbols is a must for engineering and construction firms, instrument engineers and technicians, and anyone else who develops P&IDs. >>

The History of CAD

MB Solutions

<<25 years ago, nearly every drawing produced in the world was done with pencil or ink on paper. Minor changes meant erasing and redrawing while major changes often meant recreating the drawing from the scratch. If a change to one drawing affected other documents you were dependent upon having someone manually recognize the need to make the changes to the other drawings and to do so. CAD has fundamentally changed the way design is done.>>


Zeataline Projects Limited

<<Fast easy access to dimensional and WEIGHT information for over 100 types of piping components! Fabricators, Designers and Engineers frequently need to look up data on pipe, pipe fittings and valves. Without PipeData-PRO this usually means searching through various catalogues, tables and reference books, which can be time consuming and error prone. PipeData-PRO frees desktops and drawers, just Alt-Tab in windows! All the data contained in PipeData-PRO has been thoroughly checked and verified. PipeData-PRO Version 5 test beta available for free download.>>


Thomas Register / Autodesk

<<Thomas Publishing Company and Autodesk have partnered to produce and publish three FREE CD-ROM libraries of CAD drawings and technical data. PartSpec, contains more than half a million parts and is an esential tool for mechanical designers and engineers. PlantSpec contains CAD drawings of parts and technical information for use by plant designers, engineers, and facilities management. CADBlocks provides drawings and technical data for thousands of building products from top manufacturers, for architectural or building services engineering industries.>>

3D CAD Downloads

Swagelok Fittings, Valves and Adaptors

Facilities Design and Construction Standards

Stanford University Facilities Operations

Product Data Standards for the Process Plant Industries

National Institute of Standards and Technology

<<Objective: To assist U.S. industries in developing and implementing data exchange standards and work process improvements which reduce the life cycle costs and risks for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities. During FY2000- FY2001, this project will focus on advancing U.S. industries piping fabrication and installation capabilities with the use of AP 227 and FIAPP (Fully-Integrated and Automated Project Processes) concepts and will work with industry on pilot projects to test and demonstrate the use of AP 227. Problem: The U.S. process, power, engineering and construction industries seek to improve the design and delivery of constructed facilities through advanced uses of information technologies, e.g., CADD, CAM, ERP (computer-aided design and drafting, computer-aided manufacturing, enterprise resource planning), and the integration of information systems, e.g., automation of the exchange and sharing of information among systems. Although many of the leading engineering organizations have adopted 3D modeling and information integration technologies, the capabilities and benefits of these technologies are not being exploited fully in the fabrication, inspection and construction phases of projects.>>

Standard Details - Water

City of Naples, Florida Engineering Department

<<The City of Naples Engineering department has prepared a set of standard detail drawings for architects and draftsmen to use in their work. These details are available in an Autocad 14 .DWG file format, and you may either download the details from the list below or request the entire set on CD-ROM from the Engineering Department.>>

AutoCAD R13 Drawings of Pumps, Valves, Exchangers

Fluid Handling University

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