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Pump System Analysis Design Manual - Free Download


<<The purpose of this book is to describe how pressure can be determined anywhere within a pump system. The inlet and outlet of a pump are two locations where pressure is of special interest. The difference in pressure head (the term pressure head refers to the energy associated with pressure) between these two points is known as the Total Head. A system equation will be developed based on fundamental principles from which the Total Head of the pump can be calculated, as well as the pressure head anywhere within the system. These principles can be applied to very complex systems.>>

SAIT Process Piping Education
Spirax Sarco Learning Centre

Spirax Sarco

<<This programme consists of a series of short modules which are assembled in a number of blocks. The entire programme is designed to cover all aspects of the steam and condensate loop. It is aimed at engineers who have a requirement to design and maintain steam and condensate systems.>>

Correspondence Course on Piping Technology

Gramya Research Analysis Institute

<<Need for the course on Piping Technology in form of distance learning i.e. through correspondence has been long felt by the prospective and existing piping professionals. We have been actively involved in training engineers related to Piping, Process Equipments, Material Handling, Materials Technology, etc. since last 18 years. This correspondence course will initiate you to prepare and develop plot plans & equipment layouts so that you can attempt to prepare the piping layouts, their sizing, selection of components, design analysis and finally to understand the need of documents for piping erections, assembly, testing and inspections.>>

A Heat Transfer Textbook, 3rd edition (PDF File)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

<<This book is an introduction to heat and mass transfer oriented toward engineering students. It may be downloaded without charge. Revised versions are posted regularly; the version number is given on the titlepage verso. Visit this page again to obtain updates. Please note that this material is copyrighted under U.S. Copyright Law. The authors grant you the right to download and print it for your personal use or for non-profit instructional use. Any other use, including copying, distributing or modifying the work for commercial purposes, is subject to the restrictions of U.S. Copyright Law and the Berne International Copyright Convention.>>

Mechanical Design of Process Plant Equipment

Carmagen Engineering

Process Plant Piping System Design and Maintenance

Carmagen Engineering

<<Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to apply the design requirements of ASME B31.3 and the maintenance requirements of API 570 to process plant piping systems. They will also be able to perform engineering audits of designs and procedures that have been developed by others.>>


Timothy A. Philpot

<<MDSolids is an educational supplement for students taking an introductory course in solid mechanics. This course is commonly called either Mechanics of Materials, Strength of Materials, or Mechanics of Deformable Solids. >>

Armstrong Steam University (Online Learning- Registration Required)

Armstrong International, Inc.

<<Armstrong is devoted to building stronger bonds through the sharing of information and ideas. We've learned the importance of communication during nearly 100 years in the steam business. That's why Knowledge not shared is energy wasted is our motto, promise and pledge to you. And it's why we've founded Armstrong Steam University.>>

Pressure Safety Orientation (Online Training)

University of California/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

High Pressure Safety (Online Training)

University of California/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Pump Troubleshooting Course

McNally Institute

ASME Professional Development Short Course Inventory

Lots of Courses


Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

<<The ASME Code course teaches plant engineers the ASME Code criteria and rules for design and evaluation of plant components. This knowledge is invaluable for in-house design, replacement, repair, or re-evaluation decisions for plant components. This course provides engineers with the fundamental, practical, and design knowledge required for ASME Code Section III and Section XI application to pressure vessels and piping. Attendees gain a basic understanding of the Code and its application to practical, cost-effective designs (as illustrated by practical examples).>>

Engineering Case Studies

A collection of information on engineering cases from Carleton University

<<This is a collection of information on engineering cases. These are accounts of real engineering projects that are written for use in engineering education. The accounts are not highly technical, and are quite readable by those with the appropriate interest.>>

Process Teaching Aids for Chemical Engineering Students

Process Engineering Tools

<<Most of the process engineering tools provided here are NOT suitable for real-life plant operation and/or design purposes. They are meant as a teaching aid for chemical engineering students and should not be used without applying careful and sound engineering judgement.>>

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