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From: <Sharma>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 23:16:00 EST

We are still in 2002 and it is still possible Tushar ! Be watchful, before you react on some query.

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Subject: Re: [PipingDesign] Re:(PipingDesign) Software for Firewater network calculation

AFT Fathom has the capability of setting up spray heads as discharge nodes. Each spray head can be connected with pipes of different diameters and schedules of pipe. Each spray head can be set up at different elevations.

The program is graphic based and would be fairly simple to use to design a sprinkler system. Each floor could be cut and pasted to nest floors. The global edit command could be used to change elevations at each floor.

The programme can model 10000 nodes so would be able to handle an extensive system.

har, Zope " <> wrote:


Such a query is not expected from at least a person who is working with PDMS &amp;<BR>
that too as an Administrator.<BR>

The software u are talking about will be definitely available in 2050 hopefully.<BR>

Regards to all.<BR>

Tushar Zope<BR>


Subject:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (PipingDesign) Software for Firewater network calculation<BR>
&quot;;<BR> &lt;;<BR> Date:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1/29/02 5:52 AM<BR>


If your company is using any software application for firewater network<BR>
calculation. Please let me know, name of the software and all possible<BR>
output which can be obtained apart from line sizing and flow rate<BR>
calculation. In particular I expect graphical output representing plan &amp;<BR>
elevation of equipment with deluge ring spacing and elevation wrt equipment,<BR>
number of nozzles (including type) with locating dimensions &amp; orientation<BR>
which can be used 3D-modeling (PDS or PDMS).<BR>

It would be great, if you can me atleast the web site name.<BR>

Thanking you,<BR>
Chandrahasa Poojary<BR>
PDMS Administrator,<BR>
PT Kvaerner Indonesia.<BR>
Tel: +62 21 52995 498<BR>


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