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As a general rule, DCP is to be used where you can not use water and for immediate control of a small fire. therefore they are usually kept handy all around plant, office or complexes. There are places where you can't use even DCP e.g. control room or may be your documents room. There CO2 is best. But what if your control room of document room is occupied by operators??

The answer is Clean Agent.

Co2 was replaced by Helons as the concentration of Co2 required to extinguish a fire is approx 40%. This reduces the O2 concentration below acceptable levels causing suffocation. Helons on the other hand had problems of Ozone Depletion. Then the substitute is Clean Agent. You may see NFPA2001 for more details on clean agent as Co2 is not preferred now a days.

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the national fire code (nfpa) will have the details that your'e looking for.


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