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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 09:56:00 EDT

in a grassroot project where u have a few hundred iso's, the use of stereo photo's seems to be a viable option to complete the as-built as part of the project deliverables in a format that can be read either by microstation or bentley. but there is a stumbling block that prevents its wide acceptance - the cost. ive seen the presentation and its a real cutting edge tech.

   Paul Bowers <> wrote: Don't count out hand-drawn isos yet, technology is developing to the point where you'll be able to take an electronic pen and tablet (I have one here) and draw just as you would on paper. Then, just enter the dimensions into the variables.

I may come across as a dinosaur at times, but hey, technology is not moving fast enough for me so I bitch.

Another thing I want to see widely adopted is photogrammetry for direct input into CAD models for as-builts and upgrade projects. The technology seems to be just dragging along though.

Is the foot dragging due to tech problems, management uncertainty or the perpetually poor economy these days?


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> I call the older guys the "Buffalo Hunters". They sit around the camp fire
> chanting "the herds are going to come back"
> Albeit they are in the pub whining about the good old days of B1 sized
> of paper, slide rules, charts and hand drawn isometrics.


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