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Likewise I would be grateful for a copy of the summary


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I am interested to know the 6 step valve improvement program. Request post it to me on

Thanx in anticipation,


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   Improving valve quality
   Ive read an article that might be of interest.

   Long time ago, T. M. Rogers from Alberta Canada was having a    problem. About 3 dozens API 600 valves failed while in-service in    short-period of time. Failures were not in any way associated with    corrosion or erosion problem and the plant environment is classified    as moderate.
   The early failure of the valves affected the plant production    output, naturally the operation superintendent put a pressure to    maintenance/technical to improve the reliability of the valves. They    figure that's the effective way to do it is by ensuring the quality    of the valves purchased. Question is how does one develop a program    that will improve valve quality without necessesarily jacking the    cost of the commodity beyond an acceptable limit (u pay the price    for quality).

   Well, TM Rogers took the challenge and cameout with a 6-step program    that proves a success. After the program was initiated only one inservice     failure of valve purchase under the program failed (they    were able to prove that the valve supplied was defective and got    reinburse ). TM Roger works for Syncrude Canada when the article    cameout.

   If there is any interest I can summarize the highlight of TM Rogers    6step valve quality improvement program and post it.

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