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Dear Ivan: With reference to API Series 2000/3000/5000/10000/15000/20000 you can find them in API Spec 6A Specification for Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment. Best regards: Mario Roqueta - ENSI SE - Neuquén - Argentina

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Asunto: [PipingDesign] VALVES RATINGS

Avelino BarreiroHi to all,

About this subject, I have a big confussion, How many Valve Pressure Class Ratings do we have?.

I could find:

ANSI B.16.34 : 125#, 150#, 300#,400#,600#,900#,1500#,2500# ANSI B.16.1. : 25#,125#,250#,800
API 602 : 800 - 1500 There is another Pressure Class Rating followed by the initials "CWP" ( See MSS SP-25 ), it means Cold Working Pressure, and is the maximum pressure rating allowed under normal "ambient" temperature conditions, (- 29 ºC to 38ºC). According to the MSS SP 25, the initials CWP are used undistinctively as: ( WO-Water Oil Pressure, OWG-Oil, Water, Gas Pressur,WOG-Water, Oil, Gas Pressure,GLP-Gas,Liquid Pressure,WWP- Water Working Pressure,W- Water Pressure). When you have a valve under this pressure rating class, for example : 150 CWP ( it means that the maximum working pressure is 150 psi @ 38ºC).

But I still have doubts with these ratings showed in catalogs:

2000, 3000 , 6000 - To which specification corresponds?

I also found an API Rating: 2000/3000/5000/10 000/20 000, in the catalogs, but I couldn't find information about them, looking in API publications.

And also some valves catalogs shows an ANSI 4500. ??

Please, can someone of you guys help me to clarify this Ratings-matter, in order to know all the Valves Ratings availiables.

Thanks in advance.

Iván Fernández C.

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