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Yes, a flat face has to meet a flat face (over the entirety of both surfaces). If one flange face is raised and the other is flat, you should install a suitable spacer to avoid cracking of the weaker one while tightening the bolts. This is common knowledge and goes back to the ancient days of bolting CS piping to CI pump bodies. If you look around the website you'll see a few references to this.

I really have to wonder how many people post to this list without taking a look at the website. I've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars setting up for the past few years and implementing a good search engine so that people can find this sort of freely-available information on the internet.


> Supplement :
> To avoid PVC flange breakage / leak : Match flange faces- flat face to
> face;
> raised face to raised face.
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> Hi Rajeev
> I have not answered this until now because I thought that you would have
> answers from others. 125# and 150# should bolt together with no problems.
> Use a soft rubber gasket, assuming the pressure is about 5 bar, and size
> around 200NB (8"). This also assumes that the steel pipe is well anchored
> and expansion of the PVC pipe has been addressed.
> Cheers
> Steve
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> Dear Piping design memebers,
> I am facing one problem in design.
> Sump caisson pump vendor has provided inlet & outlet
> with 125# PVC flange . The connected piping TO SUMP
> CAISSON is Carbon steel 150 # .
> How do I go about this...?
> I appreciate your valuable time.
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