Connections for a DN 1200 Cast Iron Main

From: <Geoff>
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 00:53:00 EDT

We have a DN 1200 (48") water supply line in cast iron with a cement lining. The pipe was laid in 1912. We need to remove a gate valve and install a new unit. The existing valve is encased in concrete.

The planned method is to cut the pipe away from the valve, remove pipe and valve in one piece and install new flange spools and valve. Our problem is we need to fit to the existing cast iron a flange such that the flanged spool can be attached.

Firstly we shall excavate the pipe and check out the surface to see if we can use a coupling with lip seals but expect the surface to be pitted. We are considering repairing this with an epoxy if not too bad.

We seek your experiences in this type of problem.

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