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An Excellent guideline to the use of the WRC codes Published by the Pressure Vessel Research Council of the Welding Research Council.
Tel : (212) 591-7956

Workshop Notes:
Nozzle Attachment Design Analysis:
ASME Code and WRC Bulletins
107 , 297 & 368

Feb 4 1998

The use of WRC codes for attachment design on vessels (for most nozzle/vessel configurations)
is widely accepted in industry as Tony Paulin mentioned for 40+ years and known to be conservative which also helps compensate for the inaccuracies of calculating piping system loads in particular transient loads and unknowns
of construction and service.

WRC297 shows a comparison between code results and FEA in appendix B with good agreement. And the stresses in the nozzle are higher than FEA but as stated is a reasonable conservative method.

Mark Upston

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Regarding WRC 107 Inquiry:

  1. WRC 107 has been used since the late 60's for cylinder-to-cylinder and cylinder-to-head geometries. Software developers have extended the original method to include pad reinforced geometries.
  2. Some of the WRC documents referred to by Christopher Wright are: WRC 297 - for Cylinder-to-cylinder connections, intended to correct the WRC 107 weakness of not including the thickness of the nozzle in the calculation. 297 tends to overpredict stresses when the t/T ratio is < 1 and so has found little application. (When t/T > 1 the high stress is in the vessel and WRC 107 is good enough.)

  WRC 368 - Pressure stress calculations. The original WRC 107   data did not include pressure stress evaluations. Software   developers again extended the original WRC 107 method since   competition and users required it. 368 was intended to   compile the existing stress data due to pressure into a more   easily used form. 368 does not include external load evaluation   however.

  WRC 335 - Explanation of pressure and SIF evaluations of   intersections by E. Rodabaugh. Excellent WRC bulletin putting   most of the above in perspective.

3) One FEA tool that performs ASME VIII Div.2 App. 4&5 evaluations   automatically, and also gives SIF's, flexibilities and   allowable loads is produced by ourselves. Demonstration   downloads are available from our web site at

4) Any general purpose FEA solver can be used to perform the same   calculations as the NozzlePRO program mentioned above. Both   Algor and a company in Germany have similar automodel products   for nozzles that compare in varying degrees.

5) When t/T >> 1 and d/D < 0.5 and there is no repad and the stresses   do not cycle and are not part of the evaluation, we have found   that WRC 107 produces reasonable numbers for the highest stress   in the vessel or header. As t/T <= 1.0 the high stress can move   into the nozzle neck and WRC 107 does not calculate this.

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> Excuse my ignorance but could someone on the other side of the Pacific
> provide details of the relevance and aprentage of this document.
> Many thanks
> Geoff Stone
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