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From: <rajendra>
Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 - 06:37:00 EST

I think the tools only aid the designer in the process and during the progress of designing. They are not intended to replace the designer. I think if you ask the guy who made the software, you will have the answer. Else Michael Jackson will be able to file his own income tax return. Well, he won't. Education prepares one to approach the problem in an organized way and that's the long and short of it.
Software does the same, no more save to speed up the process with a few cross checks. Salesmen seem to have made tremendous progress and there are plenty of money oriented managements ready to fall for "Fire the Man and Get the Software In" bullshit. If these guys are ready to take medicines prescribed by software, I will eat grass.
Thanks for bringing this up and regards, Rajendra Bajikar.
  Christopher Wright <> wrote:>My debate position is that qualified individuals are being replaced with
>software that can do the same job for the same, or less cost.
How's this? Qualified individuals are supposedly being replaced by software that management imagines, God knows why, can actually do the same job. Based on a number of observations, I suspect such management imagines that documents, drawings and reports, are the project deliverables. Systems which produce documents faster are therefore more productive, so the designers go and the software comes in.

In fact he design is the deliverable, and the documents only communicate the design. If the design is actually mediocre, but the doc package is delivered at less cost, maybe engineering management never hears about it and goes on their way thinking they're more productive and any problems are poor manufacturing, shoddy materials or corner cutting by beancounters. That's a good reason to ask the original question--do the tools actually improve the design or simply let engineering departments have lower budgets?

Interesting that there was no answer to my question. Do none of thge 500+ participants on this list really know if they're doing better work with computer aided engineering tools? Does anyone care?

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Rajendra Bajikar.

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