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From: <Geoff>
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 00:02:00 EST

Dont you just love drawings with six signatures on them. You can guess most people would sign them oiff believing the previous or following signaturies have the time or will to do their job and actually look and try and find some mistakes. Most times the last four just sign off a hundred drawings whilst making a phone call, shouting at their secretary, answering an email and spilling their coffee.

The most important team member is the checker. If the checker has been cut out of the loop what hope is there. Perhaps that's what happened to the Roman Empire? When I was an engineering manager I used to budget for the estimator to take 80% of ther what the drafting time was. Now drafting is meant tobe quicker due to CAD the checker's time should be 150% of the drafting time.

First thing I check when I audit a job is the checker's file. If it aint covered in red, green, blue and yellow, out comes the defects notice book.

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