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Hi animesh_singh.
in most of the projects that ive been involved, I have always defer to the judegement of the rotating equipment engineer when it comes to the selection/installation/commissioning of pumps . During the selection process, the pump nozzle orientation is not much of a big deal to the rotating equip engineer since he's more concern of ensuring that the pump type/performance and the process system characteristic matches, its suitable for service and that the LCC is acceptable.

This has always presented a problem to the piping designer like you since chances are that on several occasions the suction/discharge piping has laready been laidout but the selection of pump has not been finalized (information you get are mostly limited to dimension without the allowable loads). The problem is compounded with working with a mirror-image pump and a spare. In this scenario, the piping designer has to consider all possible spare pump operating combination. one such example is the behaviour of the piping when the piping is attached to a spare pump that is cold while the rest of the system is hot (common arrangement for critical equipment).

Sure, the type of pump (which then determines the nozzle orientation)- whether its vertical in-line, horizontal pumps with end suction and top disch nozzles or with side suction/ side disch has significant effect on the nozzle loadings going by API 610. And in majority of cases, the manufacturers allowable loads are incomprehensibly low. Best approach is to discuss the issue with the rotating equipment engineer and raise your concern.

One execellent source that may help present your case better on this very subject is Chapter 23 Review of Mechanical Structures and Piping for Machinery from the book Machinery reliability Assessment 2nd ed by Heinz Bloch.

Good luck. Ralph

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  my querry is to you all
who is responsible for the selection of pump nozzle orientations, and what are the criteria for its design input.

I had raised this query to many experts but till date no body is able to reply me back, here I am putting in this forum ..and really expect comments from you experinced people.

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