Re: [PipingDesign] ISO 9001 QA

From: <Geoff>
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 16:12:00 EST

I disagree. Its not the software its the greed of the accountants and CEOs.

Why is it CAD doesnt have a spell checker? Obviously the machine minders (Aka CAD drafties)can program in AutoLisp but cant spell to save their lives.

How many drawings do you see where the heat exchanger bundle cant be pulled, valves cant be accessed or nuts put onto the bolts without lifting the machine and turning as you go.

The checker has to have available to him the pipe spec, certified vendor drawings, stressman's mark up, design sketches, datasheets and the intelligence to understand them. How does software do that, especially the last part?

Well I am making myself very unpopular with the "beanies" by telling them to shove off when they want to cut my budget. Little gems such as "I'll make a diary note for the coroner as to your cost cutting" often slows them down.

Geoff (not Jeff)
--- Christopher Wright <> wrote:



&gt;The most important team member is the checker. If the checker has been cut

&gt;out of the loop what hope is there.<BR> Gosh, Jeff--haven't you heard? Software has made the checker obsolete. <BR> CAD does all the really hard stuff like write up title blocks and keep <BR> the letter size uniform. Specifying valves and setting tolerances is just <BR> a matter of finding a web site--no checking required. <BR>

In my end of the biz, you once had to understand applied mechanics and <BR> material specifications to get far enough to completely screw up a <BR> design. Now you can do it in half the time with FEA. <BR>

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