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you dont have to read it, you can listen to it thru streaming audio. Just press the button and Realplayer does the rest. Realplayer is a free download for the basic versions.


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Kris Right(sp?) sent a link to this recently, it's worth reading. Much of it concerns government-related services in the UK, but I see the subject as relevant when it comes to documentation practices.


"For those of us in the public sector the new accountability takes the form of detailed control. An unending stream of new legislation and regulation, memoranda and instructions, guidance and advice floods into public sector institutions. Many of you will have looked into the vast database of documents on the Department of Health website, with a mixture of despair and disbelief. Central planning may have failed in the former Soviet Union but it is alive and well in Britain today. The new accountability culture aims at ever more perfect administrative control of institutional and professional life. "

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