Re: [PipingDesign] Re: Flat Face to Raised Face Flange Connection

From: <Paul>
Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 - 21:55:00 EST

Are there any grooves on the flat-face flange? Proper gasket sealing can be an issue for some fluids/pressures.

How typical are cast iron pumps these days? One rule of thumb used to be to grind off that raised face and use a full face gasket (or I suppose, use a ring spacer) so as to not accidentally crack the relatively brittle pump casing during field boltup.


> if both are cs steel flange, i see no problem mating a rf with ff of
> same rating - done it before with outleak (125-150 lb). problem
> arises with ff flange is CI and rf flange is CS.
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> > I've got a flanged connection that will be a flat faced to raised
> face connection. I've only been working in the piping area for a
> year and haven't seen any application before where the flange types
> are mismatched like this. I plan to use a rubber gasket to complete
> the seal. Does anyone have experience or horror stories (they're
> usually the same thing aren't they?) associated with mismatching
> flanges like this?
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