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Pipe is manufactured generally to nominal bore dimensions. This may be ASTM/ANSI B36.10 for imperial sizes for metalliferrous products used primarily in petrochem and power industries. Thermoplastic pipes are manofactured to ISO standards which are are quasi nominal bore standard except in US dominated markets where inch systems prevail.

Tubes on the other hand are generally dimensioned with an outside diameter basis. ie 4" would be exactly that in its outside diameter. There are in the modern world of course ISO metric based tube dimensions of outside diameter. Tubes are generally limited in size with DN150 being the about the largest I have come across. They are particularly used for thin wall stainless steel in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries but also find applications where copper can be replaced such as in water and wastewater industries.

Geoff Stone
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Can any one help that what is the basic difference betn Pipe and Tube.. How do these be specified .?
What r the ranges of each if any?


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