Re: [PipingDesign] Re: Schedule 100, 28inch

From: <Paul>
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 07:35:00 EDT

> > Just for fun, does France have any kind of space program, and
> > if so, where
> > is it located and why?
> There is a European Space Program which I think the French take part in,
> the rockets are called Ariane, which sounds kind of French to me. Why
> do you want to know, are you worried about something?

I am sekrit agent spying on western technology via obscure website and discussion forum, picking your brain. Lucky for you, is not published on list and now I have compromised you. Tell all hush-hush engineering information or I will expose past involvement with hamsters. Also your past involvement with one Bart Simpsom will be made known to your hubsand if you do not comply. Received on Fri Jun 06 07:35:00 2003

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