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You don't have to very old to remember some of this, just have diverse background. I left a major US manufacturing company in '96, and we had a designer who refused to use computers (he retired a fwe months later). He claimed (and rightly so) that he could draft by hand and in ink faster than a CAD jockey could. Modifications changed the equation, tho'. We still have a table with a horizontal rule around the office; I suppose the ocassional small-time client might come around with his original and want just a modification as an "as-built".

Used scroll drawings in the nuke industry, and on long web-processing lines. some well over 4 o4 5 meters long! The tranfer to microfiche was a total disaster for those scroll-type drawings. A lot of places still keep drawings on 'fiche. In fact, I know lots of manufaturers are "downloading" CAD to 'fiche (seems like swimming against the current, doesn't it? But company policy is like the government - don't question it and it takes a lot to change it).

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How many readers during their day-to-day job, can actually walk up to a REAL drafting table at the workplace (extra points for one with a T-square or horizontal rule) and discuss/review 22"x34" blueprints?

Does anyone else remember the "scroll drawings" (maybe best known in aviation, but refinery P&IDs were done that way as well)?

How about having to look up the old flow diagrams that were so conveniently transferred to microfiche? Wasn't that fun and the ne plus ultra long-term storage format?

I'm hanging on to my Leroy Lettering system 'cause it is going to be worth a lot of money sooner than one might think.


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