RE: [PipingDesign] Re: Schedule 100, 28inch

From: <James>
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 10:58:00 EDT

Hi Paul,

Now the truth about you;

> I am sekrit agent spying on western technology via obscure website and
> discussion forum, picking your brain. Lucky for you, is not
> published on
> list and now I have compromised you. Tell all hush-hush engineering
> information or I will expose past involvement with hamsters.

It wasn't a hamster, it was a gerbil. And it was an accident, I didn't know the cat was in the room.

> Also your past
> involvement with one Bart Simpsom will be made known to your
> hubsand if you
> do not comply.

And I shall tell everyone on the list how good you looked in that Marge Simpson wig.

Suspicious though, that shortly after you posted the above I received notice that I have *won* a weekend on a nuclear power station - all expenses paid, no less.

Heigh ho,


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