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I've only dealt a little with this, but here in the USA both API 607 (for fire rated valves, etc.) and NFPA 30 have something to say (as well as ASME 31.3 for process piping). There are requirements for materials, gaskets, fittings, etc. to retain sufficient integrity in a standard fire event (which is also described) that there is minimal leakage to literally add fuel to the fire. There are also other standards with their own requirements (the nuclear energy industry has tighter guidelines). the term "Fire Rating" is pretty generic, so you need to know what you want or need a rating for. Obviously steels are much more fire tolerant (much higher melting point and toughness) than polymers.

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Can somebody through some light on the "Fire Rating" of the materials like
CS, SS, AS, Popypropylene, PTFE, EPDM etc.

How would you rate the above materials? WHat's the criteria?

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