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Hi Thomas

Is your question one of aesthetics; it looks better if the pipes are all at the same height. If so then you need only to make 3.5" or 4" packers from channel or angle and fasten the pipe as you originally planned. If the 3.5" shoes on the steel pipe are for insulation standoff, then the pipes will look OK without packers as the bottom of the PVC pipe will be about the same level as the insulation cladding.
For long runs of plastic pipe I normally place it on heavy duty gal steel cable ladder. It can span 20' but provides almost continuous support to the plastic.


Steve McKenzie

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No concerns over abrasion, just an oversite.

At 09:23 AM 6/18/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Why are you concerned about the two PVC lines being at a different B.O.P.
>(Bottom of Pipe - invert elevation is generally used for buried lines and
>refer to sloped piping) elevation? Abrasion?
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> > >Gents:
> >
> > Can anyone suggest a method of supporting PVC pipe in a rack designed
> > steel pipe?
> >
> > We are installing a pipe rack to support several 4" and 6" steel lines,
> > uninsulated. One end of the rack will support two 4" PVC pipes. We
> > originally designed the pipe so that all invert elevations were the
> > but we forgot that we would have 3-1/2" shoes on the steel pipe.
> >
> > Would you suggest: 1) lowering the invert elevation of the PVC pipe to
> > rest directly on the pipe rack? or 2) fabricate some sort of shoe for
> > PVC pipe?

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