Re: New question; blowing out gaskets on PE line; how to stop

From: <Steve>
Date: Tue Jun 24 2003 - 08:10:00 EDT


in order to overcome my gasket problem I took the following drastic measures:
1) On every unnecessary (transportation) joint, we cut out the flange and butt welded.

2) On every necessary joint, we doubled the flange thickness by adding a split flange and longer bolts.

3) On every necessary joint, we made a gasket composed of a 3mm steel washer, 250 I.D. with 3mm of duro 60 natural rubber glued to each side. One of my fag packet designs.

Total downtime 12 hours during scheduled 20hr shut.

16 bar and not a drip - Woohooo! That was my design pressure.

Underlying problem: the PE stub ends were not grooved to capture the gasket. If you buy stub ends, make sure they have a means of mechanically clamping the gasket. Friction alone is not enough.


Steve McKenzie

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