Unsubscribing from the PipingDesign Discussion List

From: <pipingdesignguy>
Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 10:25:00 EDT

In the future, the message below will be included with each subscription request and subscription approval. It will also be autodelivered  each month to all for those that do not seem to understand how email lists function. How people get on the list, confirm their subscription and then angrily or cluelessly demand to get off is beyond me...

The original "how to remove" instruction was removed from the standard email message delivery because too many messages were getting tagged as spam.

If you are are a virus writer or spambot, please send all future email to:


Please include physical mailbox location information and your wish will be fulfilled.

Paul "have to go do some business now" Bowers


is the email address to remove yourself from the PipingDesign discussion list.

Send a blank email to the address above if you want to be removed and this will be done automatically.

Requests to the listowner or to the discussion list for removal of your email address will be removed when the moderators have time. When you signed-up for the list, you received a confirmation notice. Received on Sun Sep 07 10:25:00 2003

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