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Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 11:37:00 EST

Here's an exerpt from the Discovery channel's producer's guide:

OUR GOAL: Is to produce programs about science, nature, adventure and technology that attract audiences. We want shows that are fun and informative. This is not science-lesson TV.

OUR TYPICAL VIEWER: Having a better understanding of our viewer enables us to focus programs around his interests. Our typical viewer is male, and is between 18 and 54 years old. He may not be university educated, he's smart and curious. He likes to know: How does the turbo motorcycle work? What is that trestle bridge made of? How high is Mount Logan? How fast does the F-15 go? He likes speed and danger; fangs and claws.

OUR TOP RATED SHOWS: We are looking for hour-long programs that can fit into the anthologies you'll find in our schedule. Here are some examples of shows and strands that are working for us right now:

Engineering theme: "Frontiers of Construction", "How It's Made", and "Monster Garage".
Detective theme: "Disaster Detectives", "FBI Files" and "Forensic Factor". Archeology theme: "World's Greatest Mysteries". These shows are about the HOW just as much as the WOW. They are all currently on TV, so tune in and get a sense of what works!

PITCHING PROCESS: Please send written submissions to Carole MacKinnon. You can send your material by regular or e-mail. The proposal should be an overview of your project. It should provide basic general information such as: series or one-off? number and length of episodes? production timeframe; rough sources of funding, and budget. As mentioned earlier, there is no need at this point in time, to get bogged down in putting together a fifty-page, colour-coded, sectional binder with all your research. A few simple pages will suffice.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE: We offer producers about eight weeks to prepare a development package. This package includes: a full treatment, episodic outlines, a production plan, a budget and financing plan, and a three-minute demo tape. This tape is by no means an excerpt of the program; rather it's a demo that reveals a feeling and tone . proof that we have the kind of storytelling that we can run with.

It is pretty much what I expected/predicted.

The "Frontiers of Construction" schedule can be seen at http://www.exn.ca/Stories/2001/01/04/53.asp It's out of date, and many of these episodes are shown repeatedly.

After speaking with a few local producers, having a ready resource such as we have with the discussion list and website is a big advantage. To them, it means that they will have a huge volume of usable information to work with and experts to consult. I'm pretty sure that most of the world's piping design experts either know or have heard of the website (if they're not already reading this) and the website gives a great point of focus.

Of course, the above does not take into consideration that many suppliers would be interested in becoming involved with / perhaps sponsor the endeavor.

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