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Date: Sun Dec 21 2003 - 06:20:00 EST


I am working as Design engineer in a consultant engineers, I am modeling a waste water pump station the flow rate is about 1.86 cu meter per sec. for surge analysis I assumed that all 3 pumps will tripped and from the down and up surge analysis , I find out that a 55 cubic meter tank is enough to surge shaving, from the software I got that around 5 to 6 min needed to eliminated all the surge effects but my colleague who has 18 years experiences says that just 5 sec needed can any body help me ?(the whole net is around 2.5 km). also for restarting I got from the software that 1 pump restarting is most critical from 3 pumps restarting (although I know that it is impossible to restart all 3 pumps together). Does it make sense?

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