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You can.....if you can get past the Software companies scare tactics. Most EULA'a state that resale is not an option. But there have been rulings that contradict that. A ruling in '01 stated that software sales were just that a sale, not a licensing agreement.

With AutoDESK you just need to make sure and go through your original seller and make sure there are good circumstances, ex: company reorganization, buyout, etc.


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Please excuse any spam references; someones spam detector is throwing a hissyfit.

I thought you could resell software provided you sell all of it.

The following is from my Win2K EULA

Software Product Transfer. You may permanently transfer all

      of your rights under this EULA only as part of a
      permanent sale or transfer of the HARDWARE, provided
      you retain no copies, you transfer all of the SOFTWARE
      PRODUCT (including all component parts, the media and
      printed materials, any upgrades, this EULA and, if
      applicable, the Certificate(s) of Authenticity), and
      the recipient agrees to the terms of this EULA. If the
      SOFTWARE PRODUCT is an upgrade, any transfer must also
      include all prior versions of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

Normally OEM (bundled)software is not resellable, and upgrades are mentioned
That still leaves a fair amount of stuff for legit sale.

Do some engineering programs not permit this conditional reselling? If so
any idea which ones so I can avoid buying them.


Steve McKenzie

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system didnt like your attachment (see note below) but its a good question.
I would also be interested because the "bleeding edge software" isnt essential and often has bugs. Its getting to be a big issue because you buy
a tool in any other industry it has resale value. Software agreements do not
allow resale or transfer of product.
Given the huge cost of software I beleive this has to change. there are a few sites and i asked Paul once about buying from them .. I agree with his answer. Its not


Ansys 6.0 $ 480.00 SAS IP The key to the ANSYS difference is "multiphysics." ANSYS, Inc. has long recognized that no real-world part ever
experiences just structural loading, for example. Environmental factors and
the complexity of real-world conditions introduce other physical forces to
weigh on even the simplest parts. This is why ANSYS engineering simulation
software enables users to analyze parts for behavior under numerous physical
forces at once.

This is a heck of a deal... trouble is the software needs an Authorization
Code. Often you see COSMOS for sale ... same thing. My guess is the seller
doesnt care , he's given you the prgm and got his money. The fact you cant
get the auth codes from the software company even if its older is not the
software resellers concern. COSMOS, autodesk, coade and ANSYS will not support/allow resales. I suspect everywhere its the same. is another one in Eastern europe that keeps changing its address . I suspect its take the money and run,, and they have
your visa number then also..

I got into this when I tried to merge a business. Basically couldnt discounted sell any software assets. Universally the partnership would have
to buy new.

PS. I agree Paul does a great job providing a tremendous service.....
(there....does that get me out of quarantine jail now?)

  Are there any websites dealing exclusively with the above? There seems to be a lot of it about, but most is just gathering dust,and nobody is trying to sell it.
I seldom need the latest version of anything, but am not prepared to pay the ridiculous prices for the latest stuff. There are heaps of sites selling old Windows versions and the like, but I have have no success in finding one specialising in engineering software.
Seems to be a gap in the marketplace, but I guess someone will have filled it. Just got to find it.

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