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When grouting is applied, TOG (Top of Grouting) is used to indicate that.


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Machinery Grouting
M&M Precision Grouting

<<Grout has to be used in conjunction with a properly torqued anchor
bolt system when both static and dynamic loading is involved, such as with compressors, turbines, pumps, gear boxes and most heavy industrial machines. It takes both good grout and good bolts to properly hold the modern machines industry uses today.>>

This reminded me of the old "Top of Concrete" vs. "Underside of Baseplate" issue. T.O.C. used to be (and maybe still is) a common abbreviation on engineering drawings. But top of concrete is not important - what is important (for piping installations) is the actual elevation of the underside of the machinery's baseplate, because levelling grout exists between the top of concrete and the underside of baseplate. The thickness of the grout can vary. Anyone have any additional comments on this?

Quick sketch:


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