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Dear Suresh,

Mill tolerance is always taken as negative for thickness calculation in CAESAR i.e., same is subtracted from nominal pipe thickness entered in the input spreadsheet to arrive "minimum thickness". Also, CAESAR input spreadsheet doesn't accept negative figure for mill tolerance.

Further, on basis of design pressure, pipe OD, allowable stress, joint efficiency factor (depends on semless / welded with type) and factor "Y" (which depends on the material and design temperature) "minimum thickness" is calculated.

The above two values for "minimum thickness" is compared and warning message ; in case of former being less "pipe thickness is less than the calculated one" appears.

A K Nashine

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I have basic doubt
whether any piping analysis software takes care regarding mill tolerance? I am working on CAESAR II,it's mill tolerance 12.5% negative. but if I am using less thickness than required thckness (1.125times the calculated thickness) then also it is showing pass in the final report, but it is giving warning message that your pipe thickness is less than the calculated one.

from the above warning message I did understand the exact meaning of mill tolerance.
any one guides me regarding this matter.


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