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i looked up "baby poo" in my substantial references and came up short.

However values for anything similar from your refs should be close. Its an approx science.
do you have the chart to convert fric loss for diff densities to adjust the water values.
theres one in
nayyar says bingham plastics fric factor (lam flow) is f/16= 1/Re + He/6Re^2 - He^4/3f^3 Re^8

he = Hedstrom # = D^2.rho.Tor / Viscosity. g

(apparently the formula works for SI & IMP)without mod. Tor= the yield stress lbf/ft^2 or (Pa) which you have g = gravity =32 lbmft/lbs^2 (imp) & =1 for SI Rho=density


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Gents + 2

I have been requested to prepare some tails disposal pumping options using thickened tails from a paste thickener. The process consultant has told me to expect a process fluid with Bingham plastic properties, a yield stress of around 100Pa and a consistency of baby poo. Quantities will be around 700TPH solids and transport distance around 12km.
All to be sorted by monday - no sweat - who wants a life anyway? Before I bury my head in books (e.g. Wilson, Addie, Sellgren and Clift, has anyone seen any good design references for estimating pipe friction loss with this sort of stuff?
Will probably go to a recip type pump in order to be sure I dont wind up with a frozen pipe because the thickener had an "episode".



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