Re: [PipingDesign] Piping spool number and isometric break

From: <Paul>
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 19:53:00 EDT

Rich, isn't Isogen the iso generation program for most 3D piping software?

Regarding Al's comment about pup pieces showing up on individual isos, I seem to remember something (~6 years ago) about connectivity in AutoPlant causing this sort of thing. Maybe that's not an issue any more.

What maximum size is everyone using for shipping - 10'x10'x40'? What about "field shops", I.E., a pre-fab shop that is located at the construction site. Surely the maximum envelope can be somewhat bigger in those cases.


Rich Scotti wrote:

> Which piping design system do you use? Each one features a different
> interface. Easily half of Isogen is actually the 3d piping modeling system
> and its interface. additional comments below marked with [RJS]
>>>can you tell us where the command is to tell isogen where to break. We
> have not been able to find this option.
> [RJS] In the PCF file these are written as: ISO-SPLIT-POINT <coord>
> Each CAD system will likely have its own implementation of how to populate
> these. In AutoPLANT, for example, you would place "Isometric stop signs" at
> the split points.
>>>we have been exporting selected pipes into A2 size , then shrinking down
> to fit into our a3 template Otherwise isogen creates too many drawings with
> only too shorty little "pups" per dwg. Not a great workaround. I like your
> "select the break points" , but where are the options/commands to do that.??
> [RJS] Have you tried configuring the drawing density (switch 38) to push
> more data on each sheet? You can also configure margins(switches 10-13),
> text sizes (switch 27) dimension standout, and even the length of fittings.
> These are set in the options file too.
>>>>Also are you saying isogen will creat the welder flags for each weld for
> the weld mapping. I didnt know isogen would do that. I agree wait to the
> end, and we have done that separately & manually at end of generating isos.
> [RJS] Isogen will assign weld and/or numbers for you if you like or you can
> pass them to Isogen in the PCF file. Either way you can output a weld
> summary to the drawing or to a text file. You can even format the weld
> report with any/all data you passed in the PCF file using a weld definition
> file.
> There are so many ways to operate Isogen that a big part of a projects
> success is a well thought out Isogen stratgy.
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