Re: Piping software

From: <vornel>
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 08:51:00 EST


What you state is true but Dan's other points need to be addressed:

  1. AutoCAD compatiablity
  2. I am assuming that Dan wants to also work in the AutoCAD envoronment as well as deliver *.DWG's.
  3. In PDMS the drawings/model can not be intelligetnly manipulated in AutoCAD
  4. PDMS may be the best out there but it not easy to learn - it takes weeks of training get up to speed. And...
  5. ...needs adminstration.
  6. It is not viable or scalable for low seat count installations.
  7. Jobs in the 200m plus range are well suited to PDMS.
  8. Jobs that are well suited to PDMS constitute 5-10% of total design build market - the rest of us are using AutoCAD, Microstation with or without 3rd party apps.

All the above being so I think that the choice is between:


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