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Why don't you try a bungartz vertical pump. It has very low head requirement and may perfectly suit your purpose. Please refer to attached web-link.


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No, I have never heard of them.


   Yes, I am looking into Gould 3796. An Initial positive response on Gorman-Rupp U3B65-B from the vendor has tapered off due to limitations. Have you or anybody else have heard about self priming pumps from RS Corcoran ?

     Now that we have the vapor pressure sorted out this does not seem like too difficult an application. It seems to me that a self-priming centrifugal pump by Gorman-Rupp or Goulds will do the job, they don`t normally come with these types of seals but maybe they can be installed.


       Yes, you are right. It is 2 psia. Not 2 psig.
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         You said 2 psig at 80F, not the same.


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           The liquid is a mixture of Benzene (80%), Xylene and Toulene.
The stated boiling temperature of the mixture at 14.7 psia is 170 F. The vapor pressure of 2 psia at 80 F is only a derived number from a vendor. As a VOC the liquid is required to be stored under a nominal blanket of 5 in WC.

           Thank you for your interest.

             I think there is something missing here. Are you sure that the vapor pressure is 2 psig, this is extremely high, what kind of liquid is it, with a vapor pressure like that when the liquid is open to atmosphere then it will completely evaporate, there will be nothing left to pump. If the vapor pressure is correct, then you need to have this liquid under pressure which is a data that you have not given.


               I am trying to find a suitable pump for a rather complex
               application. The pump needs to be self priming as it has a
lift of
               14 feet. At 100 GPM I expect the total head to be 150 feet.
It needs
               to handle solids atleast 1/4 inch size, the vapor pressure
of the
               pump liquid is about 2 psig at 80 F which really cuts down
on the
               NPSH. And on top of it it would handle a VOC subject to
               requirements- meaning sealless or double seal pumps. I have
               rejected diaphragm type pump because of pulsations.
               Any suggestions, generic or otherwise ?


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