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Dear Mr Abdul,

option 1)
The best solution is to locate the PSV above the flare header and route the discharge to flare and branch-off from the top. This will avoid the accumulatio of the liquid in the discharge. Another point is that the header is at very low pressure than the inlet. There will not be enough pr to push the liquid, the flow being instanteneous.

option 2)
Also check, what is the fluid in the inlet line. If it is purely gas which can remain a gas (without partial condesation) at the header operating pr and temp., then you can locate the PSV at the skid and route the discharge upwards. But this will be there is very rare cases in petrochemical industry. The application is not clear from your email.

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[PipingDesign] PSV Discharge Piping

Hi everyone

I have to install a PSV at elevation of 2 ft from grade level on a skid. Flare header runs at an elevation of 20 ft from grade. Discharge of the PSV to be connected with flare header. Now there is chance of liquid accumulation in the vertical portion of PSV discharge pipe.Liquid accumulation is allowed in the discharge piping of PSV and BDV?

If there is not possible to avoid riser pipe then what is its remedy to overcome liquid accumulation.

Thanks in advance.


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