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Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 13:25:00 EDT


R u the chakraborthy who worked in KBPL - pipeline (IOCL)construction phase (year 1994 to early 1996) ( at Bali, rajasthan) under Mr K.K.Singh

is so please respond. This is kuralenthi If you are not that chakraborthy forgive me.

The mitres are used only about #150class rating , rarely used in #300 class ratings.

There is no size restriction on mitres ( these are used upto 72" and even more). but these are used for low pressure application only.It is basically to replace expensive bends for low pressure application.



Hi friends,

I would like to know your comments on using Miter / Mitre bends in piping in
different conditions like

  1. Limitation, if any, pressure and temperature wise
  2. Limitation, if any, service wise,
  3. limitation, if any, size wise
  4. Any thumb rule.

At present, we need to fabricate two new pipelines on urgent basis. The
first one will be within the plant, operating at 12 kg/cm2 pressure, at 200
C temp. The other one is in the offsite (connected to to storage tanks).

Due to non-availability of pipe fittings, we may need to use Miter bends.
However, there is some opposition regarding the use of same. Both cases,
service fluid is hydrocarbon (SR naphtha to be precise).

Your comments and any guidelines to relevant codes will be highly


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