Re: [PipingDesign] PipingToons - Write the Caption

From: <Paul>
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 11:57:00 EDT

Christopher Wright wrote:
> On Jul 1, 2005, at 9:25 AM, Paul Bowers wrote:
>>I'm working on getting the next generation of piping design software
>>from the major companies to have a built-in checker mode.
> It ought to be bundled with editor software that redlines reports,
> prints a copy and then deletes the file with a message something like.
> 'That so-called report was irredeemable nonsense. Do it over and have
> the re-write to me by morning.'

I've possibly said this before, but "computerization" has distanced and disconnected people from the work they are supposed to be performing. This makes it easy to blame a machine, blame the people that are supposed to be maintaining the machine, blame the people that wrote the software, etc.

There is no going back though, and the goal of programmers must be to make software as transparent as possible while letting people get on with the real job.

One non-engineering example I can personally share is one where people were expected to learn a new "purchasing software solution" that was buggy (I guess someone made a deal for the company to beta test it in return for annoying the employees), non-intuitive and hostile to the user. If the true goal was to send lots of money to an outside software consultant, artificially create in-house gurus (that usually didn't know WTF they were talking about) and discourage the issuing of POs for things like a new stapler, it really worked.

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