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Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 13:40:00 EDT

On Jun 30, 2005, at 11:42 AM, alvinem1990 wrote:

> 1. We need experts. Cryogenics, especially combustible medium, such
> as ethylene, oxygen, hydrogen, etc, needs non-spark materials.
There's plenty of expertise around--if you need some you may need to hire it. You find expertise to deal with cryogenic materials the same way you find expertise to deal with stomach ulcers or lower back pain. Just don't expect it to be given away. Cryogenic piping has been around since the first rockets used liquid oxygen. It isn't just rocket science anymore, but you do need to follow the rules. I did a google search on cryogenic piping and got almost 900 hits--that's a good place to start.

> Is it the moderators job to police what we write in this
> discussion group?

No it's the recipient's job to determine the validity and applicability of the answers you get to a post. And to make sure he understands what he's been told.

> Or are we responsible for the info that we give?
There's an ethical responsibility to post only information that you know is true, but lots of people believe something is true when in fact it isn't. In the US there are still plenty of people who believe that walking under a ladder is bad luck or that Saddam had nuclear weapons. Just because someone believes it, doesn't make it true. And think for a minute whether you'd tell your boss that you're making a material selection recommendation based on an e-mail response by someone you'd never met.

> And Pete, you're right about some of the type of questions in this
> forum? But you see, they have nowhere to go. Bottomline: Who should
> be responsible, the giver or the receiver?
The bottom line is that the responsible person is the one who wields control. I can sympathize with someone who does something stupid out of ignorance or desperation, but that doesn't excuse anything or make an individual less responsible for his own actions. There's a lot of casting about on this list by people who don't know what they're doing or who are looking for free engineering. It's not the job of the more experienced subscribers to play nursemaid.

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