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brazing is legal under the welding codes but this is not the issue. the issue is whether the material is code rated. ANSI B31.3 Cl 305 allows for the use of (for non-lethal normal fluid ASSUMING THIS is the service you require )

ASTM B 466 (there are others, but they have restrictions)

the question is incomplete because "how long a piece of string do you want". ie. What thickness were you planning on using? Type K is not a proper material description. By asking for this you are asking for trouble. If you dont understand what this warning means you should not be doing this work.

100 psi is not high pressure... why was high pressure mentioned? IS there something else going on that affects the solution. The comment makes me nervous about you seeking an "off the cuff" freebie answer. Are there upset conditions you are overlooking?

but THIS IS INTERNET engineering again and regardless easy research the inquirer should be doing. keep in mind chris's comments, valuable advice is not free and should not be expected to be. Anyway I'm pretty sure I answered this almost exact same question on this forum not very long ago.

Copper is used in such service, but you are not approaching this correctly.

Here's the process
- establish the service, design and upset conditions

IT is not a good idea where erosion could govern. remember venting velocities and therefore forces can be high Note also the code caution .""Copper–silicon alloys are not always suitable when exposed to certain media and high temperature, particularly steam above 212°F. The
user should satisfy himself that the alloy selected is satisfactory for the service for which it is to be used.""

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Can type K copper with brazed joints be used for high pressure relief vent Piping rated 100psi thx for the help

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