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From: <Saha>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 00:38:00 EDT

Please note that vibration is always caused by dynamic loadings not by static loading. Nozzle loading on rotary equipments due to thermal expansion of piping are static loadings only. This will not create any vibration problem directly. Indirectly this will create distortion in the casing and the flow pattern inside the equipment will change creating vibration. Due to pipe routing it can cause vibration if the flow inside is not stream lined that is if minimum 3D or 5D is not provided immediately after the nozzle. If not provided this will create vortex and dynamic loading will be generated inside and that will create vibration. Another possible reason could be if the pump selection and connection pipe size selection is not proper and the velocity inside is very high. Normally rotary equipment vibrates if the installation is not proper. Installation and balancing is a very very important thing in case of rotary equipment. I am considering the manufacturing of the equipment is correct, that means in the FAT vibration was minimum.

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