Re: [PipingDesign] Piping layouts

From: <Paul>
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 14:03:00 EDT

snehal lathkar wrote:

> The important documents for developing good piping layout are P&ID's,
Equipment layouts (which gives clearly equipment sizes, Building sizes & type of building whether structural or concrete), Instrument Hookup diagrams, support standards etc.
> On the basis of above documents & using good engineering practice piping
layout can be developed.
> You can use piping design handbook for taking ideas of routing of pipes (i.e.
typical routing of various equipment piping)

Actually, I'd rather start with a PFD and proposed site layout and use relevant safety codes to fix a layout and *then* build the P&IDs and piping design. With the P&IDs, copious design notes would be included so that the designers have more insight into the minds of the process people in order to avoid confusion.

Quite often P&IDs are made by entry-level CAD operators who don't know what they are drawing and it's difficult to ask a senior chemical engineer or process specialist about possible inconsistencies/questionable elements if you are basically ignorant.

There needs to be a lot more involvement at the piping layout level from the process guys. This helps to clarify issues, avoid misunderstandings and build a stronger overall team.

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