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From: <Geoff>
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 01:08:00 EDT


I am advised that the CIA run GPS satellite actually keeps moving coordinates so that the enemy cant use it. Our software brothers havea patch to put them back where they out to be so we dont get lost in our wheat fields in the desert.


Paul Bowers <> wrote: I suppose you could also make a legitimate claim that the OZ government website is relying on CIA's World Factbook for its information source, eh?


Geoff Stone DD&D Australia wrote:
> Paul,
> I had deducted all the North American MBAs bullshit you have lying around as
it isnt considered land mass
> Geoff
> Paul Bowers <> wrote:
>>Geoff Stone wrote:
>>Imagine a continent the size of North America with total population of
>>20million. 95% of them in six cities. Thats lots of space in between.
> Your numbers seem to be off a bit.
> Then again, the table data shows the US as being larger in km^2 than
> Canada (seemingly contradicting the site's text blurb). Maybe they
> deducted all the ice area due to global warming projections.

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