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From: <umesh>
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 01:18:00 EDT


   My previous mail was addressed to clear the misunderstanding of Mr. Shaheed...Not the original question..

   and...if you see the recent posting...we moved on to a new question...(can we use blanks with welded wake-up...)

   My previous mail definitely and precisely clarified the issue...

   Any doubts...

   umesh ken

Dacharaju Krishnamohan Rao <> wrote:

           Dear Members,

When the requirement was for a valve to be replaced by a flanged spool, I feel there is no point in confusing with Blanks, Weldings and so on.....

Quote "My client want to use dummy spool during pipelines hydrotest instead of shutdown valve" and Further stated "Thank you Elie, my question is flange which will be fabricated from plate, it's may look like slip-on flange and weld to pipe.we want to use plate flange because the hydrotest will be done at ATM only, if we use standard flange it will costly." Unquote.

For clarity of subject, a pipe piece welded with one flange on either end to match mating flanges in existing line is a "spool" in place of valve.

I agreee with Mr Elie "- You want to design your own flange, use ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Appendix-2 guidelines" which was also indicated in my posting of response.

Better the user responds on this forum to indicate whether he got what he wants from these discussions...


"umesh k.n." <>
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08/08/2006 07:31 AM
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Re: [PipingDesign] Plate flange


The code does not explicitly said about using these blanks with welded configuration….

"We can use that formula for blinds thickness calculation...and could be used as a insertion piece between two flanges....but cannot be welded..

Why….because it is not said so in if anything faces legal why take risk" can use welded blank (confidently), if it is for your personnel work or your own project...However you have to take care to produce quality weld...(it will work…it should work)

But if any of my colleagues asks my opinion for a project in my office...I definitely will not advise to use that formula with welded configuration...

Above that ASME B31.3 table 304.4.1"BPV code references for closures", clearly advise to use UG-34 section of BPV code for Flat closures.

So….use UG-34


Umesh Ken,
Sr. Piping Specification engineer,
Brisbane, QLD-4000

M Shahid <> wrote:
I think Umesh is right,

or in more simplified formula....

Standard Blinds and Spacers are designed in accordance with ANSI B31.3, using formula.

t = d [3/16(&#961;/&#1109;)]1/2

t = thickness of Blind
d = values is based on use of gaskets having same I.D. as O.D. of pipe in Inches.

Design value of “&#961;/&#1109;” are as follows:

150# RF = 0.0160
300# RF = 0.0500
400# RF = 0.0661
600# RF = 0.1000
900# RF = 0.1500

1500# RF = 0.2500

Blinds are Flanged rated for Carbon Steel Flanges using A285 GR-C Steel and for Ferritic alloy piping using A240 Type 304 SS

Bangkok, Thailand

"umesh k.n." <> wrote: Dear elie,

Why cant we use that formula (Which is specifically for blanks) irrespective of whether it is welded or insertrd as plate..... Of course in case of welding you have to take care of weld joint efficiency..


Umesh Ken,
Sr. Piping Specification engineer,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

elie altawil <> wrote: I don't think the question is clear.

- Blanks are to be inserted between B16.5/B16.47 flanges. - A dummy spool, is a piece of pipe, with one flange at each end, to replace a valve.

I don't think you can use the formula in B31.3 to calculate WT of blank for plates to be welded at end of a piece of pipe for the hydro test.

You could repost the question for a better advise.

Elie AlTawil, Sr. Mech. Engineer, Colorado..

"umesh k.n." <> wrote: Use Equation 15 on section 304.5.3 (Blanks) available in ASME B31.3..

A similer thing must be available in other codes such as ASME B31.1 or so...


Umesh Ken,
Sr. Piping Specification Engineer wrote:

Dear All,

My client want to use dummy spool during pipelines hydrotest instead of shutdown valve.I wish to use plate flange for fabricate dummy Spool. Anyone can advice a good reference to calculate plate flange please...


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