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   Ball valves are good for clean services..mean for fluid services which dont have solid contents, sludges, scales etc.

   While using them in steam, make sure to request for metal seated valves.

   Secondly..the valve body material should meet the rating of the service...

   Thirdly...ball valves are quarter turn valves...this mean they open/close very fast...this is good in general service..however could be dangerous in steam service

   Cause...very quick closing leads to hammer in small lines this may cause the pipe to vibrate a bit and no more problems...however if it is big line say...18"..due to the mass/volume of flow..hammer is more severe...

   Whats the solution...
   Use a gear operator in higher size valves & use a gear ratio, which gives longer time to close the valve...

   Also, if you are in a expansion project or Revamp project...check whether Ball valve is used in the existing plant...if not, make sure that your client understands this problem while operating...

   Umesh Ken,
   Sr. Piping Specification Engineer,
   Brisbane, QLD-4000
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Yes you can. Please go from there.


Arturo Murillo

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Dear All,
Can we use ball valve in steam line of 50# pressure and 200 deg. Temp? Please reply.

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