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From: <abdul>
Date: Wed Apr 04 2007 - 04:37:00 EDT

Hi Chemical Engg Student

To select the appropriate material of construction for two phase flow line, you need to have following information:

  1. Well stream Composition of both reservoirs specially consider CO2 & H2S that dictate about the Sour or Sweet service. In case of sour service,NACE compliance material to be considered. Refer to NACE standards for details.
  2. SIWHP i-e Shut In Well Head Pressure of both wells
  3. Well stream temperatures required for pipeline materail as well as pipeline coating material.

I hope these guidelines will be adressed your query.

  1. Aziz Vayani Sr. Facilities Design Engineer Clough ------- Pakistan operations
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From the PipingDesign inbox:

<<My name is [name withheld], a Chemical Engineering student at McGill University. Im presently working on a final year project which requires my designing of two phase flow pipes to transport oil and gas from two reservoirs in the Persian Gulf. Thus I am searching for documentations on selecting the correct materials of construction for my pipes.>>

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for this student?


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