Proprietary info exchange

From: <Christopher>
Date: Thu Apr 05 2007 - 12:02:00 EDT

On Apr 5, 2007, at 8:17 AM, RICK wrote:

> You may exclude me on this list if you want. I dont care anyway.
I didn't say I wanted to--I said I would if the behavior went on. If you don't care, you can unsubscribe any time you like.

Your e-mail said you wanted someone to send you a P&ID for a particular facility. That's all--no alibis about why you wanted it or what you intended to do with it. What you said you wanted was a significant portion of someone else's design and therefore proprietary. It's no different in principle than looking for warez. We simply can't let the list be connected with this kind of thing.

You also said you were looking for something to convert petroleum vapor to nitrogen. That's nonsense and a pretty good indication you don't know what you're doing.

Finally you failed to identify yourself. You'd be crazy to trust anyone who'd send off their employer's confidential or proprietary information about a system which performs an impossible task to someone they didn't know, anyway. We probably did you a favor by putting a rocket up your kilt.

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