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From: <elie>
Date: Sat Apr 07 2007 - 11:25:00 EDT

Previous subject:Proprietary info exchange - I changed the subject heading to get your attention.

   The guy wanted guidance on how the P&ID looks like. The right answer to 99% of all questions in any technical group is probably addressed in an Industry standards such as ASME, API, AWWA, ASTM, etc.

   Go to Process Industry Process web page http://www.pip.org/ and you should be able to purchase a copy of the PIP Standard PIC001 - Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Documentation Criteria for a fraction of what you earn from your job. We spend 100's of thousands of $$ to go to school and be engineers, spend couple of more bucks on a standard. Also, you can download a sample of the standard PIC001 from http://www.pip.org/downloads/Sample-PID.pdf

   My-Rules-of-thumb: I only use advices that refer me to an Industry Standard that is related to my business. If I wanted to submit a report or a study, my references are sections of the related Industry Standrads. If I stated something in that report, I own it, and I must be able to defend it and be right. Ideas on how a relief valve should terminate, ecc or conc reducere, particulate or coalescing filters installation are different stories, are just ideas.

   Gone Fishing again, oh one more thing: a stupid questions are only the ones you did not ask, a professional engineer is to read the question, disregard it or put the guy on the right track DO NOT PUT HIM/HER DOWN, you are no better: advise him on what he should do. To me, arrogant engineers are not team player - In my life I let go couple of them who knows the business, but their peers hesitate to get their advice to avoid humilation.

   Best Regards, Elie Al-Tawil, Sr Mech Piping / Process / Rotating Equipment / and Construction Engineer, working in the beatiful state of Colorado, USA.

   Gone fishing for real this time.

RICK <rickb_jp@yahoo.com> wrote:


Even if you gave me the P&ID, I wont use it without scrutinizing it. My purpose is just to have a basis for such kind of process. As I have said in my other emails to this group, I don't know about process engineering but I'm trying to learn since I'm not a process engineer. Actually it's not impossible to obtain nitrogen from flue gases from the burner. As you may have known, flue gases resulting from burning petroleum vapor which consists mainly of N2, CO2 & H2O. These flue gases would then be treated to remove CO2 & H2O and the resulting gases consisting mainly of N2. Makes sense? Do you want to quote and send me a technical proposal for such system?


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