How do you guys work?

From: <jun_atibo>
Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 01:03:00 EDT

Ok. Probably a lot of us have owns an iPod, a personal laptap or a PDA. Chances are a lot of us got a 3G cell phone too. Because this is the forum for the piping pipol, most of us have also handled the CII, PDS, SAP, Primaveras, Meridium or Ivara, Bentley Nevadas and myriad of other tools/instrumentation used to evaluate the health of an equipment and are always ( imeant it literally) connected to your base office.

And Probably you read part/portion of Code or Specs or scans P&ID using the electronic format that is always available wherever or whenever you needed it.

I dont know - but these current working environment of click here and there is getting on my nerves. Consider this.

Got an email. Say that the Glycol Unit is reporting that one crtical process piping is leaking - at the nozzle joint. Let us say that youre several km away from the plant. With the current tech now, I will be involved in the works without me leaving my workstation.

I will be seing all the datas , the current as-built, be in constant communication with the specialist, the formen, the plant engineers, the NDE inspectors and the production/process people and the buyer and be involved with the what-ifs and JSA session tru teleconfenrencing.

And work gets done and i even got to see the before and after action. The paper trail (i meant electronically) will still be there including all the approval needed to move the job.

And I Dont even get a chance to drink a beer. No thank you either. Same thing during turnaround or debottlenecking projects, except that the situation is reverse.It sucks (excuse my language). Need to endure it because the money is good. Way back i used to talk/meet real people, touch real equipment (except the hot one) and read books printed on paper and sit in real conference room. Times a changing.

Are you guys in the same boat? Received on Mon Apr 09 01:03:00 2007

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